Welcome to the world of the Nigerian born Singer, Rapper & Producer.

New Album

The Boy From Water

Dive into the world of Afrosoul crooner Moe Moks. The Nigerian born singer/rapper/producer shares his soul & deepest secrets on his upcoming release, “The Boy From Water.” The story of a refugee trying to find love. This Afrobeat, R&B, Gospel, Rap mixtape will have your hips shaking and head bopping from the start.

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About Artist

Moe Moks

Have you ever heard a voice like this? This afrosoul crooner is making waves with his new release “The Boy from Water.” A dive into the world of Adedoyin Moses Mokuolu also known by the name Moe Moks.

The multi talented rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer grew up in the city of Houston Texas, known for its underground music scene. However, Moe, who borrowed his spelling from the late Houston Legend “Big Moe,” began his musical journey while stuck during a trip to his birth place of Lagos Nigeria.

On his return back to the US, Moks continued his nomadic journey through music scenes in Brooklyn, Boston, and Los Angeles. All while dealing with homelessness,  deaths, and other hardship. Making it through hard times isn’t something new to Moe Moks. He first arrived to Houston after escaping a dictatorship government. 

Lagos, Houston, New York, Las Vegas, Boston

Based In: :Los Angeles

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