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Music artist Moe Moks aka @17oyin is back again with another banger. The smooth Afrobeats fire starter LOVE SOUL.  

Music artist Moe Moks at dreamville fest 2019
Music artist Moe Moks at dreamville fest 2019
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Music artist Moe Moks x Doyin collaboration
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About Moe

MOE MOKS is a Nigerian born Afro-Soul music artist, who first appeared to the mainstream with his song ROCKETS. His big sound has reverberated all over the world to places like Brazil, France and South Africa. Moks has been blessed to appear on the same stages as big artists such as Eminem, Beyonce, NAS, Davido, Cardi B. Common, J Cole & Bas.

MOE MOKS who grew up in Houston Texas, faced many hardships on his journey through music. Once being homeless in Boston, he followed up those hard times by making record after record with series such as 40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS. MOKS created and released a song every night and day for 40 days; which spawned the song ROCKETS. ROCKETS is being played on radio stations, and has been recognized by many viewers on YouTube and listeners on Spotify.

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