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The Boy from From Africa

Moe Moks born Moses Mokuolu, is setting the world ablaze with a sound never heard before. With his inspirational story and impactful performances, Moe is set as the premier artist to watch.

1. Early beginnings

Moses was born in Lagos Nigeria to a businessman and a teacher. At an early age Moses dealt with a coup d’tat which caused an uproar in the country. He and his family would flee Nigeria to avoid the dictator who had his eyes set on destroying the Moks family. The family would successful flee the country and settle in Houston Texas. For the next 11 years Moses would call America his home. He would excel at football and entertaining his peers with his natural talent in performance. At this time he always stood ahead of the pack but something would bring him back to his origin.

2. Going back to Africa

Moe would soon find out he would be going back to a place that caused him so much trauma and pain. Fortunately Moe moving back to Africa would be a blessing in disguise. In Africa, Moe started making music and found the ambition and passion to go with his love for the art. From that point on he never looked back.

3. Coming to America Homeless

A year and a half later Moses would find himself and his family in homelessness in Rhode Island. But they would later get back on their feet and settle in Boston. In Boston Moe would excel in the IT sector. He was even offered admittance to Brown University but didn’t have a high-school degree at that point. He then went from teaching adults in Boston in order to get a GED to working at another prestigious college Harvard University. But in the end he would skip classes to make music most of the day. Moses made the decision in 2014 to move to the place of his dreams in New York City.

His move to NYC was a struggle but he would find himself a job and eventually quit it for music within 10 months. This would mark the start of 300 open mics that catapulted him to the next level of entertainer, and finding success with artist wanting to acquire his expertise on songwriting. This would lead him to performing at Coachella and Dreamville fest as a featured artist. He would galvanize the crowd with his skills and receive rave reviews from his artistic peers.

4. The future.

As Moe has seen what success can be in the music industry he wants to spread it to a broader spectrum. Along with his plans for Music, Moe has connected with social justice committees focused on financial and technical literacy for foster kids, expungement of criminal records, building a better image of African Americans and Continental Africans. As well as seeing much more leaned towards the improvement of lives of the less fortunate. Moe Moks stands for black excellence, resilience at its finest. A man of the people, who lived amongst the people, and willing to struggle for the people , because he is the people.

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Music & Business Mogul

Changing the world one step at a time




Song Writer

Chorus Hip Hop, R&B, Afro


Hip Hop R&B, Dance

Executive Producer

Creative Direction


Building Black Businesses


Technical & Creative Advisor


Online Cleaning Company


Urban Development



Web Developer


System & Security Admin


Technical Infrastructure


Top Tier – Tech Specialist