Music artist Moe Moks is built different. He’s not just an afrobeats artist, he’s an every beat artist, and he has something to say.

Moe Moks is an African music artist who grew up in America, Texas to be exact, and for good measure he got there by escaping a dictators army. Now he sings about LOVE. His new single LOVE SOUL is a new age funky groove with Afro Caribbean hip hop roots.

The Biography of..


Step into the world of African born soulful music artist, Moe Moks. The Nigerian born singer and rapper MOE MOKS had a brief introduction to the world writing and featuring on the song ROCKETS. The uplifting jam ROCKETS is being played on radio stations, and has been recognized by many viewers on YouTube and listeners on Spotify.

If you thought you were inspired by his music.. wait till you hear his story. MOE MOKS grew up in Houston Texas after escaping a dictatorship army, As heard on the record Lagos to Abidjan featured on the EP (The War is Over). He persevered through many hardships on his journey through music. Once homeless in Boston, he followed up hard times by making record after record with series such as 40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS (40), where Moks made 80 songs in 40 days.

Having lived a nomadic lifestyle Moe isn’t just an afrobeat or hip hop music artist, he’s an every beat artist. With influences that range from Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Fela Kuti, Anita Baker, Sade to even the Beach Boys. MOE MOKS is set to show the world why he’s different.

These soulful melodies will give you that vibe you’ve been waiting for. Dive deep into the motivational tones of Moe Moks.

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