This is different. This is timeless. This is music.

Afrosoul Recording Artist Moe Moks will have you hooked, with his mighty vocals and sweet melodies.

The multi talented artist is making waves by being different. His Afrosoul style fuses elements of Rap, R&B, Jazz & Afrobeats. Creating an infectious sound that stays with you.

Born Adedoyin Moses, MOE MOKS grew up in Houston Texas after escaping a dictatorship army in Nigeria; as heard on the song Lagos to Abidjan from EP The War is Over. While homeless in Boston Moks recorded his first mixtape. Persevering through hard times by making song after song with series such as 40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS (40).

From ambitious anthems to nonchalant soulful jams, deep dive into the music of Moses…Moe Moks

Step into the world of Afrosoul Recording Artist Moe Moks.